About me

Hi! My name is Dina Muldasheva, im from Russia and i tryed kite first time in 2008. In this 2 years i was travelling to the best kite spots of the world and learned some tricks ;) I started compete in 2010 and already got  good results. Last year i was in Liquid Force Russia team and from  october 2010 i became sponsored by F-One Kiteboarding.
And yes.. kitesurfing changed my life!!! :)  Before kiting i tryed myself in many different activities- studying in art univercity, snowboarding, wakeboarding, worked as model and DJ :) But kitesurfing took all my mind and became my lifestyle!
All my story started by chance. I met my old friend and he invited me to the south of Russia to learn kitesurfing. He owned kiteschool on Black sea. I desided to try, got the flight and in 2 days i was already on the spot with the kite in my hands :) Firstly it was very hard for me, kite always crashed  and pulled me a lot. But i was so exited looking at the guys who were jumping very high and i told myself : u can do it too!
Afetr this trip i went to Egypt and then to the South-East Asia for whole winter. And i did it, i learnt how to fly and even more ;) Thats my story how kitesurfing became my life.
Season 2010/2011 was very good for me! I did my first competitions in september, it was Russian Championship and i finished 5th. Then i went to Boracay for whole winter. The season in Boracay was super good, very windy. I trained a lot and learned many new tricks. In january i joined Boracay Neil Pryde Funboard Cup and i got 2nd place in freestyle, 2nd place in TT race and 3rd place in hang time. Next competitions were KTA Philippines (Kiteboard tour asia) and i did it very good. 3rd place freestyle and 2nd place Cource Race (Raceboard). Also i became 3rd overall in Asian Championship in freestyle!
This summer i spent in Turkey, training and teaching in kite school.
For this season i did 2 videos in Egypt and in Philippines. I like to do filming and photoshoting :)
My plan for 2011/2012 season is to join Kiteboard Tour Asia (Asian Championship) that will have around 5-6 events in different asian countries and  organize girls kite camps in the best kite spots of the world, also next summer i want to join Kiteboard Tour Europe.
Kiteboarding makes me so happy!!